Pocket Quicken

Manage your finances with this comprehensive tool

Now it's easy to keep your Quicken information complete, accurate and up-to-date wherever you go. Skip the monthly receipt-typing chore by effortlessly capturing everyday transactions directly on your Palm Powered handheld or Smartphone.

Pocket Quicken configures itself to best suit your needs. If you want to use Pocket Quicken as a stand alone finance application it can instantly set up a standard set of categories, currencies and accounts with a single button tap and begin to operate as your sole finance manager.

If instead you have Quicken running on your Macintosh or Windows computer, then it becomes a true mobile companion and provides excellent connectivity via Palm's built-in HotSync technology. Transferring data is quick and hassle free — just press the HotSync button. Pocket Quicken makes it easy to keep your finances organized, and is the only handheld solution to sync with Quicken 2005 or Quicken 2006.

Pocket Quicken


Pocket Quicken 2.5.367